Shenstone News - Monday 11th to Saturday 16th Oct 2010:

Its kind of typical that there was a 'red letter day' on the patch on the morning I was driving to Norfolk but I'm not bitter (honest!) and I would like to congratulate to Terry Hinett and Andy Warr for a fantastic haul of birds.

Monday 11th October:
1 Tree Sparrow, 1 ♂ Whinchat and 8 Corn Buntings all in the beet/set-aside field along Stanklyn Lane mid morning (TMH). Adult ♀ Marsh Harrier and juvenile Merlin both seen over beet field late morning (TMH and AW). Marsh Harrier is a patch first and Tree Sparrow is only the 2nd confirmed sighting.

Juvenile Merlin re-located at Heath Lane model aircraft field on the afternoon (TS)

Tuesday 12th October:
Whinchat and 8 Corn Buntings still present in Stanklyn Lane beet field (TMH).

Saturday 16th October:
4 Song Thrushes on Heath Lane wires and c.60 Lapwing in field along Witch Lane.

A pair of Ravens were seen a number of times throughout the week in the Stanklyn Lane area.


  1. I bet Terry and Andy hope you go away more often Jason :-)

  2. Hehe...they probably do ;-)

    Actually its amazing that in the space of a month theres been fly through Hen and Marsh Harrier...Montys that would be something!