Saturdaty 13th October 2012 - Shenstone

Late morning I headed to the patch for a brief visit.  There was no sign of the previous days Stonechat just off Barrs Lane and I was unable to relocate it elsewhere on the patch.

It was a fairly quite day in terms of birds with one exception, Common Buzzard.  Up on Witch Lane I had an incredible 11 Buzzards soaring over above me all at the same time, a real sight to behold!  The only other notable in this area was a single Small Tortoiseshell butterfly.

At Stanklyn Lane there were 2 Ravens perched on a pylon and a single Common Buzzard over Stanklyn Wood.  At the paddocks I noticed a rather stunning little fungus, the Yellow Field Cap.  This was a new species for the patch so I was rather pleased at the find.

Heath Lane was almost a complete blank until a single Meadow Pipit flew over heading WSW.

At Butt's lane I didn't fare much better although 3 Cormorants flying over heading SW did help lift my spirits.

All in all a mixed day. But, it's a funny time of year for arable patch birding so thank heavens for fungi!

Yellow Field Cap (Bolbitius Titubans)


  1. A Buzzards 'first eleven', no less!

    Sounds like you had a good trip to Wales btw. A few good books for the autumn - perfect. We stayed in a static caravan near a red kite feeding station some years back - don't know if it was that one - and it was great seeing the free flying displays!

  2. 11 Buzzards, Trumps my Eight I had on Sunday :-)

  3. I never tire of seeing Buzzards, 11 in one view great stuff, the butterflies are getting thin on the ground now, nice to see the Tortoiseshell.

  4. Rob - I certainly did stock up on the winter reading material mate. I agree, the Kites are stunning to watch.

    Warren - Eight is a great count for your patch mate. They are not so common in the South East of the country.

    Alan - Neither do I. Yes, every time I go out now there seems fewer and fewer butterflies,