Saturday 19th January 2013 - Captains Pool

As some of you will be aware I am pretty much out of action on the birding front at the mo with a knee injury.  That said it's improving and my garden birding has been very good of late...but that's for another post.

This post's sightings are from patch deputy, Captains Pool birder and all round curmudgeon Tony S.  

I'm glad TS has been keeping an eye on Captains because on the 19th January not one but two patch scarcity dropped in there for a short while.  These being a Great Black-backed Gull and a Common Gull.  There have only been 2 previous patch records of Common Gull since 2007, both on fresh plough with large numbers of other Gulls and (recorded by JK and TMH).  Great Black-backed Gull is equally scarce with only 2 flyovers previously recorded.

Also present at the pool were 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and the usual 40 or so Black-headed Gulls

Common Gull (leftmost bird)
Photo by Tony Smith


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  1. helo , meant to tell you last week theres aflock of waxwings , near to corbett hospital in stourbridge just up from shop i saw them about 12 no.nick

  2. Cheers Nick...great news. It's good to hear that there are still a few about locally!