17th and 18th April - Shenstone

Wednesday 17th April:
After my voluntary work at WBRC today I decided to skirt through Shenstone.  On the rolled seed bed at Curslow Lane I was treated to a bit of a mini wagtail fest with 3 Yellow Wagtails and 6 White Wagtails all busy feeding.

At Witch lane I heard my first patch Blackcap of the year singing and a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly was also noted.

My final stop was Stanklyn Lane where 1 ♂ Northern Wheatear was present in the gallops and a single Fieldfare was present at the paddocks.  This was to become my last Fieldfare sighting of the Spring.

Thursday 18th April:
There had been a bit of a "fall" of migrants on the patch today.  A cracking ♂ Common Redstart was showing well at the paddocks and 5 Northern Wheatear (3♂, 2♀).  At Barrs Lane there was a single ♂ Northern Wheatear on the plough and at Witch Lane a further 2♂ Northern Wheatears were at Witch Lane.

Also of interest was that the pair of Swallows had returned to the stable building where they nest along Stanklyn Lane.

Northern Wheatear (♂) - 18th April

Common Redstart (♂) - 18th April


  1. quite a good spell of patchwatching Jase, wish something good would turn up here!

  2. Just enjoyed catching up with your last few posts Jason. I keep having probs with broadband reception and difficulty loading some pages so haven't been able to comment for a few days. Anyway, it seems you've had some nice sightings. Lovely photo of the Yellow Wag on the earlier post and very nice video of the Redstart.