9th to 23rd August 2013 - Shenstone

Friday 9th August:
Only visited the patch on a whistle-stop today but was really pleased to see both the juvenile and one of the adult Little Owls sat out in one of the trees there.

Sunday 11th August:
I undertook a butterfly walk over the Butts Lane fields early evening.  at first it seemed rather unproductive but then I picked up 2 Clouded Yellows that were chasing over the field.  One of which was even obliging enough to land so that I could take some photos!  I was overjoyed as this was a patch lifer and the first time I had recorded this species of migrant butterfly there. 

Clouded Yellow - 11th August 2013:

Monday 12th August:
A single ♂ Common Darter was seen near the drainage pond but there was no sign of the Clouded Yellows today

Common Darter (♂) - 12th August 2013

Friday 16th August:
Two Clouded Yellows were still present at the Butts Lane fields late afternoon.  Nearby, a Brown Hawker and a  single Migrant Hawker dragonfly were over the drainage pond.

Earlier this afternoon I had observed a Painted Lady on a buddleia at nearby Hartlebury.

Painted Lady - 16th August 2013

Sunday 18th August:
Today there were now 4 Clouded Yellows present at Butts Lane fields.  Also of note was a single Brown Argus, a ♂ Common Blue and 5 Silver Y moths.

Thursday 22nd August:
Today, Bev and I undertook a walk around the Butts Lane fields and observed just 2 Clouded Yellows.  Other butterflies of note during the walk were 1♂ Brimstone, 4♂ Common Blue, 2 Gatekeepers and 7 Small Tortoiseshell.  Also of interest were 5 Silver Y, 1 Dingy Footman moth and a Migrant Hawker dragonfly.

Common Blue (♂) - 22nd August 2013

Dingy Footman - 22nd August 2013

Friday 23rd August:
I didn't see any sign of the Clouded Yellows at Butts Lane today.  Nearby there was a fair bit of bird activity at Eastfields Farm where 21 Swallows were perched up on the wires.  Also present there were 8 Goldfinch (some of which were juveniles still being fed by their parents), 3 Greenfinch, 1 Green Woodpecker and a really stunning juvenile Willow Warbler looking rather resplendent in its yellow-washed finery! 

The undoubted highlight of the day came from an unexpected location on the patch.  I was scanning the fields next to Sparum Farm at the Summerfield end of Stanklyn Lane.  This field is one of the most unproductive areas on the patch (although I did pick up 4 Mistle Thrushes feeding there today).  As I was scanning I picked up a flash of red as a bird flitted down from the adjacent hedgerow down to ground.  I had a good idea what it was but grabbed my scope to confirm it.  Result...it was an immature Common Redstart.  Redstart is an annual passage migrant through the patch. Only small numbers are recorded each year and this was my first at the site for this year's autumn passage.


  1. Nice one on the Redstart, and Clouded Yellows Jase! Autumn migration well under way now had 13 Yellow Wags thru today, 7 yesterday along with 4 Tripit. Knackered as been covering a huge amount of suitable habo on the patch for Clouded Yellow, but so far not a sniff! Had first patch record of Brown argus tho and first Red Admiral this year today.

  2. Good to see you picking up the clouded yellows Jase :-)

    No Redstart here this year yet, but I live in hope of one visiting next month

  3. Nice one regards the Clouded Yellow, Jase. There`s been a couple reported up here.

  4. Craig - Cheers mate. Things certainly seem to be moving now! There is still chance for a Clouded Yellow

    Warren - Thanks mate...it certainly seems to be a bit of an influx year for the CYs

    Deano - Cheers Sir! Hope you connect with one up there soon

  5. Nice one Jason, all of them are beautiful.