3rd & 4th November 2013 - Shenstone

Sunday 3rd November:
Today, I arrived on the patch mid afternoon and decided to undertake a walk around the 'beet field'.  This proved rather successful as I picked up a flock of 8 Corn Buntings feeding there.  This was the first sign of them starting to flock together for the winter.  Also of note during the walk were 12 Linnet, 7 Meadow Pipits, 1 Yellowhammer and a Common Buzzard.
Heath Lane was relatively quiet but for a charm of 23 Goldfinch perched up on the wires above the paddock.  A single Mistle Thrush and a Common Buzzard were also observed.
Witch Lane was fairly productive with 13 Fieldfare over heading South and a Cormorant & Grey Heron also over.  A 2nd Grey Heron was sat in the field at the rear of the fishery.  A Kestrel, a Common Buzzard and a Jay were also noted.

Elsewhere on the patch...a drake Shoveler was present on Captains Pool (TS).
Corn Buntings - 3rd November 2013

Monday 4th November:
I only had time for a brief visit to the patch today, so only concentrated on a couple of areas.

At the top of Witch Lane (near the junction with the A450) there was a White Saddle fungus growing. This was the first time I had noted this species at Shenstone. 

 Further along the lane a covey of 4 Red-legged Partridge were noted and a Grey Heron was again sat in the field behind the fisheries.

Along Butts lane I discovered my 2nd new fungi for the patch when I came a cross 4 fruiting bodies of Boletus cisalpinus near Eastfields Farm.  The only birds of note here were a ♂ Kestrel, a Common Buzzard and a single Pied Wagtail.

Boletus cisalpinus


  1. The Corn Bunting is great, I don't get even one. Superb pictures.

  2. Hi Jase, nice to see the Corn Buntings grouping once more! Such a lovely bird to have on your patch.

  3. Nowt to do with this blog post, Jase....but i thought i`d mention that The Filaments have been added to the line-up for next years Rebellion :-)

  4. Bob - thanks mate

    Keith - cheers...I know, I am lucky on that front

    Deano - best news I've heard in ages....really need to get booked up! I'm off to the local tonight, Inner Terrestrials + Alcohol licks are playing!

  5. Be nice to get a Shoveler on my patch list this year Jase, no chance of a Corn Bunting though!

  6. Nice one, Jase. IT are a pretty shit-hot band. Only ever seen em the once tho. Enjoy, mate.

  7. Its great to hear the Corn Bunting flock is starting to develop again Jase, signals me to start checking out Shenstone for wintering Passerines. Little or Pine Bunting will do ;) Haha