Shenstone Snippets....

Monday 8th December 2013

A ♀ Goosander was present on Captains Pool (TS) in the morning and stayed for the remainder of the day.  Also of note was a Great Spotted Woodpecker that was drumming from the adjacent wooded area.


Thursday 12th December 2013

I only had time for a quick whistle stop tour of the patch this afternoon and what struck me during this visit was the sheer number of birds feeding at Stanklyn Lane paddocks. Here there were c.80 Fieldfare, c.120 Redwing and c.110 Starling all feeding on the ground, even though there is still an abundance of Hawthorn berries in the hedgerows.

Also of note, and on a totally different subject, was a rather splendid looking cluster of Velvet Shank fungi. Their stunning orange caps were literally glistening in the damp weather.

Velvet Shank

Saturday 14th December 2013

Today there were an incredible 200+ Fieldfare feeding in Butts Lane triangle and the adjacent hedgerows.   By comparison, Stanklyn Lane paddocks were virtually birdless with no winter thrushes present. 

At Heath Lane, a ♂ Kestrel was busy hunting over the paddock and 8 Redwing were perched in the trees next to the Islamic School.


  1. Nothing but Rooks and Jackdaws on the paddocks here jase!

  2. Wow, the Goosander, her outstanding bird, and the mushroom, slightly slippery.

  3. Cracking clump of Velvet Shanks, Jase.
    As for the title of this particular post, i can`t even manage any snippets !!