Thursday 5th January 2012 - Out and about in Staffordshire

Today I met up with my old mate (and tea maker extraordinaire!) Tony for a spot of birding.  We decided to pop a few miles up the road into Staffordshire.  Kidderminster is only 3 miles away from the county border near it isn't as far as it sounds!

The first place we visited was a site we know where you can see roosting Tawny Owl in the daytime during the winter months.  Although this is a fairly well know site locally I will not be posting any site specifics or answering any questions regarding the location (sorry folks but it isn't worth the possible disturbance).  On arriving at the usual spot we soon enjoyed cracking views of the Tawny Owl.  The bird was also making a mewing call periodically.  Near by we were treated to good close views of 2 Nuthach and 2 Coal Tits feeding on seed that some kind walker had left on a tree stump.

We then decided to visit Mere Farm Pools near Highgate Common where a Tundra Bean Goose has been reported over recent days.  On arrival we soon picked up the Bean Goose that was feeding in a Barley field with a flock of 60 Greylag Geese.  Result, this is only the second Bean Goose I have seen in the West Midlands area  (the other being at Bittell last autumn).  Most of my photos of the goose were blurred due to the incredibly strong winds buffeting my scope but I did get off a 'record shot' in the end.

Also of note at Mere Farm pools were 2 Grey Herons and 2 Mute Swans.

Tawny Owl - 5th Jan 2012

Tundra Bean Goose - 5th Jan 2012

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  1. The Tawny Owl is so well camouflaged against that tree, Jason. Great shots and video!

  2. Quality birds there Jase, you have had a good start to the year !

  3. You need to stop this immediately Jason! your already putting my year list to shame :)

    Great start!

  4. Nice one, Jason. Think it`s about time i happened upon a roosting Tawny, again.

  5. Your images are brill Jason, especially the first Tawny Owl pic! The video is great, the Owl looks as though it is looking with utter contempt at!

  6. Rob - Cheers, they are such wonderful birds to see in the daytime.

    Mark - Yes, I'm mopping up those local long-stayers over the next week or so ;-)

    Keith - Sorry mate...its not intentional...honest ;-) Just trying to see a few of the local bits and Bobs during the patch lean time!

    Dean - Cheers mate...much appreciated. I always feel privalidged when I see Tawny in the daytime

    Thanks Pam....Yes it was watching us and the numerous dog walkers that walked the footpath only feet from the tree it was roosting in!

  7. Lovely Tawney images, Jason.