Saturday 4th February 2012 - Wyre Forest

As some of you may know I'm a fairly charitable kind of guy and, with that in mind, I thought I would do my bit for care in the community and meet up with fellow local bloggers Mark (Doorstep Birding) and Gert (Wild Stuff) for a walk in the Wyre Forest (just kidding guys). The aim was to catch up with the local Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers.  We didn't but an enjoyable walk with a variety of birds was had all the same.

It was a very cold, wintry morning and the walk we did took us around the Uncllys Farm area of the forest.  At one point we went off the beaten track and deeper into the woods where I suggested to the guys that I had only took them there to show them my non-existent puppies!  You should have seen the worried look on their faces!...anyway I digress, back to the birds.

In one area of the forest we came across a very bird rich area.  Here there was a large mixed flock that not only consited of the usual Blue Tits and Great Tits but also included 1 Marsh Tit, 6 Coal Tits, 8 Goldcrest, 3 Nuthatch, 1 ♀ Great Spotted Woodpecker and a handful of Long-tailed Tits.  Nearby a flock of Redwing, a Song Thrush, a Jay and a Green Woodpecker were all seen feeding amongst the leaf litter.

Also of interest during the walk was a single Raven that flew over kronking and another Song Thrush we encountered which had no tail feathers (although this didn't seem to be causing the bird too many problems).

By the time we returned to the carpark the first few flakes of snow were starting to fall.  So after an enjoyable couple of hours we decided to call it a day and head back home.


  1. A shame you didn't find the LSWs Jason but it sounds like you still had an enjoyable outing with your mates.

    I'm envious of the three Nuthatches, I don't see them as often as I would expect.

  2. Nice one Jase - next time I'll bring the Banjo ;)

  3. Jan - Your right, even though we didnt see a Lesser Spot we had a good laugh and saw a few bits and bobs

    Gert - cheers. As for the Deliverance shenanigans , I'm not quite sure the Wyre is ready for Gert 'Lonnie' Corfield and his dualing banjos!

  4. On the lookout for Lesser spot myself Jase, been a few years since one has turmed up here though.

  5. All the Lesser Peckers i`ve seen, have been totally unexpected sightings.
    Fingers crossed that you connect with one on your next attempt, Jason.

  6. All we can do is put ourselves in the right places, and hope they come to us, that's what I have learn't..good fun though

  7. Warren - it would be a patch lifer for me. The last one was recorded there in 2006. I started working Shenstone as my patch in 2007...typical eh!

    Dean - Your so right. I usually see Lesser spot in Worcs about once every 2-3 years and those are usually unplanned times.

    Mark - all you can do is maximise you chances by going to known areas where they are seen/breed and even then its noyt gauranteed...some birders will say oh its easy just go to the isnt that easy!!!