17th to 20th April 2012 - Shenstone

Right, it's time to play catch up.  I have rolled a few posts in one to try and clear the blog log...failing that I may use Senokot tablets!

Tuesday 17th April
On visiting the patch this morning  I headed straight up Heath Lane to see if the Ring Ouzel was still present.  He wasn't and neither was anything else for that matter.  The ♂ Common Redstart was still present and showing well at Stanklyn Lane paddocks.

At Butts Lane there were 2 Swallows and a Pied Wagtail present. The highlight of the walk was seeing my first patch Specled Wood butterfly of the year.  A Small White was also present.

Witch Lane was also fairly quiet with the only notables being 2 Red-legged Partridge, 2 Swallows and a ♂ Orange Tip butterfly.

Thursday 19th April
For a change I decided to check out the Summerfield end of Stanklyn Lane on today's visit.  On the ploughed fields here I noted 6 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 2 Herring Gulls and 4 Stock Doves.

At Stanklyn Lane paddocks the ♂ Common Redstart was again present, it's now been there for an incredible 7 days.  2 Robins were also present along the same hedgerow. A Raven flew over being mobbed by a Carrion Crow.  A Mistle Thrush and a Swallow were also present.

Heath Lane was very quite although I did discover a stunning Drinker Moth caterpillar along the lane.

At Back Lane there were 4 Northern Wheatears (2♂, 2♀) on the plough.  A Kestrel was also present.

Friday 20th April
I only had time for a whistle stop visit around Shenstone this afternoon so I targeted the two most productive places.

At Stanklyn Lane paddocks the ♂ Common Redstart was yet again present.  A Raven, 3 Common Buzzards and a Swallow were up over the lane.

On the plough at Back Lane there were 5 Northern Wheatears (3♂,2♀) present today.  Nearby there were 2♂ Tufted Duck at Willow Marsh Fishery.

Drinker Moth (Euthrix potatoria) Larvae

A short clip of the Common Redstart


  1. The Drinker Moth was a nice find and there was Common Redstart, I'd like one too.

  2. A nice roundup there Jason and I enjoyed seeing the Redstart on video.

  3. still more migrants there than here Jase, just one wheatear this spring is a poor return for all my hours :-(

  4. Great species you have been seeing Jason and the video of the Redstart is a treat and the pic of the Drinker Moth Larvae is splendid.

    An interesting post without the need for any Senakot.lol!

  5. Great stuff, Jason - I haven't been much further than the garden lately. A great little clip of the Redstart, and I also enjoy your sound recordings. Cheers, Rob

  6. Bob - I was pleased to find the Drinker it was a real stunner.

    Jan - I'm glad you enjoyed the footage. The only problem was it wasn't any longer...the Redstart just wouldn't keep still long enough!

    Warren - Sorry to here about your lack of Wheatears mate but who knows you may clean up with loads of Whinchats when they come through!

    Pam - Your right, nn o need to take such drastic measures to clear my backlog! Glad you enjoyed the vid.

    Rob - I had a spellearlier this year when my dog was ill when I didn't go much further than my garden but it was useful as it opened my eyes again to what was right under my nose!