Important Announcement

Due to the sensitive, fragile nature of their localised breeding populations I will no longer be featuring the details of Corn Bunting, Grey Partridge and Little Owl from April to July.  

If you are a local birder visiting the Shenstone area and you see any of these species please be mindful of putting out any news about them during the breeding season.



  1. Good thinking Jason.
    I have just been asked a question that I cannot answer. Are the Red Kites we have seen on the Clees, released birds or have they spread from Wales? We have been seeing them for some time and suspect the latter.

  2. I believe the Red Kites seen in the Clee area have spread from Wales. Its only 25 miles from the Welsh border and not far as a Kite flies. I know they have bred in Shropshire in the who knows, we may see more locally in the future!

  3. One experience I had of a local Red Kite was one on Enville Sheepwalks about 1997. It was wing tagged and I saw it close enough to read letter & shape. Reported it at the time to a number RSPB published. A few days later the ringer phoned me. The bird ace from a nest near Brecon.


  4. Thats interesting and shows how they can come across from Wales. Thanks for sharing this with us Gary

  5. AFAIK Red kites are nearly in double figures as breeders in Shropshire......I will check tho.