Corn Buntings at risk again....

Hi blog readers,

It appears that the planning application for the Travelling Show People site (on my local patch) at Shenstone has been re-submitted....

As you may or may not be aware, Shenstone holds one of the largest and last remaining breeding populations of Corn Bunting in the Worcestershire and this development could have an adverse effect on said species and other declining arable birds in the area.

So I am rallying around and would be grateful if you could lend your support and object to this proposal on the grounds of the potential impact on the areas bird life

The application can be viewed/objected to/commented on by clicking on the the following web link:

Corn Buntings are a nationally declining red data species and any support that you can give (regardless of where you live) will be much appreciated!

Corn Bunting - Shenstone


  1. Good luck with the battle Jase.
    Looks like we'll have a nice free school here instead of farmland, everyone objected to it, including borough and county councils, but the minister wants it, so it's going ahead :-( Democracy at its best.............NOT

  2. Yes, I will definitely object to this and post a link to your blog on my fb page. Good luck in your fight for the birds.