Monday 23rd March 2014 - Habberley Valley NR

Today I returned to Habberley Valley Nature Reserve to see if I could see the Adder(s) again.   Shortly after arriving I bumped into a nice chap called Andy H who has been watching and photographing the Adders there for a few years now.  After a bit of a natter we walked round the prime area and observed 3 Adders (2♂, 1♀).  The dark male that I had seen on my previous visit here was the most showy but the other smaller male and the female were far more wary and quickly disappeared into the undergrowth.

Adder - 23rd March 2014

After Andy had left I decided to go and check another area of the reserve that is favoured by the snakes and after a while I managed to spot one all but hidden under the vegetation...obviously camera shy.  Still this ♂ Adder was the 4th I had seen at the site during this visit.

Camera shy Adder - 23rd March 2014

By now, the temperature had warmed up a little and the sun was trying it's best to break through, so I decided to return to the initial area. The showy dark Adder was now on full view and was even obliging enough to let me film a bit of footage.

What a great way to round off the day, I just need to catch up with a few Grass Snakes now!


  1. Come on now, Jase. All this Adder activity is making me one hell of an envious

  2. I hope you have as much joy with Grass Snakes as you have with the Adders Jason! Lovely images!

  3. As you say Jason, a great way to round off any day! Still haven't seen one yet this year.