Tuesday 29th April 2014 - Chaddesley Woods NNR

This afternoon Bev and I decided to take advantage of the continuing nice weather and undertake a walk at Chaddesley Woods.  Chaddesley Woods are a National Nature Reserve managed by the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and in Spring it boast one of the best displays of Bluebells in the county.

As expected the Bluebells were absolutely resplendent and, along some of the rides their sea of blue was broken up by the lovely pure white of the Greater Stitchwort.

Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) & Greater Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea)

Good numbers of ladybirds were seen during the walk with a highlight being the rather aptly named Orange Ladybird, a species that I hadn't seen before.  Also of interest were a couple of 14-spot Ladybirds, the first ones I had seen this year.

Orange Ladybird (Halyzia 16-guttata)

14-spot Ladybird (Propylea 14-punctata)


  1. Never heard of an Orange Ladybird Jason. We live and learn!

  2. There's some good 'clumps' of Herb Paris in there somewhere, the only site i have seen the spp locally.....

    Laurie -

  3. It was a new one on me until fairly recently Phil.

    I didn't know that Laurie...I may have to find out a bit more about them