Tuesday 6th May 2014 - Wyre Forest

Today, I headed into the Shropshire side of the Wyre Forest with my old mate Tony S in tow.  Weather wise the day was the visit was a bit indifferent with the weather seemingly changing from sunny to cloudy every few minutes.
We began by walking down one of the perimeter rides of the rocket testing facility ( I kid you not...those bangs don't half make you jump!).  On the sandy areas of the ride small numbers of both Green Tiger Beetles and Andrena barbilabris mining bees were noted.

Andrena barbilabris (♂)

Green Tiger Beetle (Cicindela campestris)

Adjacent to the wood store a Tree Pipit was in good voice singing from the power lines.  Two more Tree Pipits were in the clear-felled area past the wood store, with one observed feeding down on the ground.

Tree Pipit (Anthus trivialis)

On the track between the wood store and the clear fell we observed our only Pearl-bordered Fritillary of the day.  It was a day that would transpire to be all but butterfly less.  The only other notable Lepidoptera were the half a dozen Speckled Yellow moths that we encountered on the wing.

Speckled Yellow (Pseudopanthera macularia)

That said butterflies aside it was still an enjoyable walk made more enjoyable by seeing 3 Common Lizards scurrying away from us across the rides.  One of which was even obliging enough to stay still for a few seconds to have his photo taken. 

Common Lizard (Zootoca vivipara)


  1. Oh, you're a winner Jason, those photos are brilliant.

  2. Hi Jase,
    Seems to be a good year for Lizards!

  3. Bob - Thanks, much appreciated

    Warren - I have to agree...I seem to have seen more this year at certain sites than ever before