The end is nigh....

After 5 years of writing this wildlife blog and 700+ posts later,  I have decided to finally call time on Shenstone Birder and have a hiatus from blogging for a while.  There are a number of reasons which have led me to this decision but before I continue, I wish to thank all the readers of this blog for their support over the years.  This feedback and meeting/chatting to some of you as a result of the blog has been both humbling and rewarding.   But fear not, I intend to return to the world of wildlife blogging/writing in 2015 and I am already planning a new blog/web page with a fresh approach (and hopefully renewed enthusiasm).  When that does happen I will post a link on this page to it

As for my local patch Shenstone/Stone, I am planning on working a new patch/area in 2015 as I feel a fresh challenge, especially with my wider wildlife interests, will re-ignite my mojo so to speak.  I will still visit Shenstone/Stone periodically to monitor the Corn Buntings and look for passage migrants but this will now be on a more ad hoc basis.

If you wish to keep up to date with my current wildlife wanderings, I will still be tweeting sightings etc. on my Twitter feed at the below link:

I will also be regularly updating my wildlife photo galleries on my Flickr page at:

Until the next time folks...Goodbye!


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