Sunday 30th May 2010, Shenstone & Upton Warren

On the evening I popped to Shenstone & good numbers of House Martin (20+) and Swift (40+) were seen over Stanklyn Lane. A ♂ Kestrel was present on Butts Lane, as were 2 Swallows. A Bank Vole was along Back Lane.

In the morning, I popped to Upton Warren again today to see the 3 first-summer Little Gulls that are still present on the Moors Pool. The birds were again performing well and I managed to take a couple of photos this time.

Also present on one of the Islands were two Avocets, one of which appeared to be sitting on eggs. After a while the Avocet got up to see off a Common Tern that had come a bit to close and I could clearly see, in my scope, one of the beige/stone coloured dark spotted eggs.

Little Gulls - Upton Warren 30th May 2010:


  1. keep up the good work, live in blakedown, getting into birding again and excited about what you have seen down the road ! ( not sure I could identify most of those though yet:( )

  2. Hi Gerald,
    Thanks for your comments. Taking an interest in birds/wildlife at any level is ggreat and worthwhile. As for ID skills, that comes with time and practice but just watching the behaviour of your everyday birds can be fascinating!