Monday 14th June 2010, Shenstone & Bluntington

A juvenile Green Woodpecker was feeding in the paddocks along Stanklyn Lane this afternoon. A ♀ Great-Spotted Woodpecker flew over Back Lane and landed in trees by Stone Manor. 4 juvenile Wood Pigeons were with a number of adult birds in Heath Lane paddock and good numbers of House Martin were also present. There were also many Skylarks up singing. A ♂

Great Spotted Woodpecker with a juvenile in tow was seen feeding at Captain's Pool for the second day running (TS). Also, the 4 Mute Swan cygnets are still alive and well at the pool (TS).

After visiting Shenstone I popped to Bluntington and walked the public footpath to Woodrow. Whilst walking down the path I flushed a ♂ Grey Partridge that flew across and landed in the adjacent cereal field. There were good numbers of Linnets and Yellowhammers (including juveniles of both species) along this walk and as with Shenstone, the Skylarks were very much in good voice. Along the footpath there were 2 Speckled Wood and 2 Small White Butterflies. A Silver Y Moth and a Hawthorn Shield Bug was also seen.

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