Wednesday 9th June 2010, Wyre Forest

Today, TS and I did a couple of walks in the Wyre Forest.

The first walk we did was in the Shropshire part of the Forest near the rocket testing site (believe it or not there is a not so secret test facility hidden in the forest!). During the walk around there were good numbers of warblers singing including Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs, Garden Warblers and Willow Warblers. A juvenile Nuthatch was also seen. The main reason for undertaking the walk was for the butterflies and we were not disappointed. A single Wood White was seen, 2 Pearl-bordered Fritillaries, a Large Skipper and a ♀ Common Blue. Good numbers of Speckled Yellow moths were seen as were 4 Silver Y moths.

Afterwards we were in the Worcestershire side of the Wyre and did a walk along the disused railway line. Here we saw 5 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and a Dingy Skipper. Large numbers of Chimney Sweeper moth were seen in the meadow at Lodge Hill Farm.

Wood White, Wyre Forest 9th June 2010:

Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Wyre Forest 9th June 2010:

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