Thursday 23rd June 2010, Grimley (again...)

This evening I popped to Grimley, in Worcestershire, again in search of the elusive Turtle Dove that has been seen sporadically over the past few days. As with Monday's visit, I did all the usual sites and just before I was about to leave the area I saw a small dove sat on wires just as I passed Walton Lane, opposite Grimley Triangle. I turned my car around and drove slowly into the lane, grabbed my bins and focused on the said bird. This time I was lucky, it was indeed a beautiful Turtle Dove with its lovely Rufous and black upper parts being caught by the evening sunlight.

I know I'm being a bit wet with my description but each year there are fewer and fewer of these in there regular Worcestershire strongholds and I'm sure at this rate they will disappear as a breeding bird in the near future...a tragedy in my opinion!

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