Wednesday 14th July 2010 - Shenstone

Good numbers of Skylarks were singing around the patch late afternoon. A Common Buzzard & a Kestrel were present over Butts Lane, otherwise very little to report bird wise.

Things were much more productive in terms of butterflies, especially along Butts lane where at least 4 Essex Skippers were seen as well as similar numbers of Small Skipper. 1 Small Copper, 7 Gate keepers, 3 Meadow Browns, 2 Ringlets, 6 Small Whites and 1 Large White were also seen.

Also of Interest was a number of Labyrinth Spider webs along Butts Lane. At one end of the web there is a funnel shaped retreat, which sometimes leads it to be confused with the dangerous funnel web spider which does not exist in the UK. Behind the funnel is a labyrinth of tunnels which gives this spider its name. Hidden in the centre of this maze is an egg sac containing the developing young.

I cannot take credit for the excellent Essex Skipper photos below, as they were taken by my wife ...ah well maybe mine will be as good next time!

Essex Skippers by Bev Kernohan - Shenstone, 14th July 2010:

Labyrinth Spider - Shenstone, 14th July 2010:

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