Wednesday 28th July 2010 - Captains Pool

Overnight I ran my moth trap alongside Captains Pool, at the northernmost edge of the patch. As my trap is only a Heath Trap, I wasn't expecting a vast array of moths to be caught, but overall I was quite pleased with the results. A total of 14 macro moths were caught with highlights being Gold Spot, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Large Yellow Underwing, Lime-speck Pug and Dingy Footman.

I would like to thank Tony Smith for his help in using the trap at this location and his wife Jean for a bostin cup of tea!

Gold Spot - Captains Pool, 28th July 2010:

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing- Captains Pool, July 2010:

Dingy Footman - Captains Pool, 28th July 2010:

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