Saturday 12th Mar 2011 - Shenstone

I started today's visit at Captains Pool. Being a weekend there was a fair number of fishermen here so it was pretty quiet. I did however take the opportunity to take some photos of the Great Crested Grebe sitting on the nest. I would like to thank the owner of a property there who very kindly allowed me to go on his land and take a few shots from the water's edge. Whilst at Captains I could hear a Raven kronking away but couldn't see the bird.

At the Stanklyn Lane paddocks there were 3 Fieldfare, 1 Jay and 2 Common Buzzards. 3 Skylarks were up singing in the gallops field and a Meadow Pipit flew over. Further down the lane, the beet field held 12 Chaffinch, a Song Thrush and a singing Skylark.

The Butts Lane triangle again had the highest concentration of buntings with 11 Corn Buntings and 14 Yellowhammers feeding in the stubble. Another Corn Bunting was perched up in a tree singing on the opposite side of the triangle and I managed to record some video footage of this bird (see video at end of this entry). A flock of 10 Linnets and 2 Common Buzzards were also seen in this area.

Witch Lane was to thrushes what Butts Lane was to buntings with c.80 Fieldfare, 1 Redwing and a Mistle Trush recorded. 20 Starlings were also present.

Great Crested Grebe on nest - Captains Pool:

Corn Bunting singing - Butts Lane:


  1. Thanks for the Corn Bunting Vid Jase. Thats the only one i'm likely to see !

  2. Im glad you enjoyed watching it. My worry is that I will lose the Corn Bunting population on my patch in coming wouldnt take a lot.

    There used to be a small but stable Tree Sparrow population a few miles up tthe road on Craig's patch (Lutley birder)...but unfortunately they have all gone now...just hope my Buntings arent next