Tuesday 27th March 2012 - Captains Pool & Chaddesley Wood

Early this morning  I popped to Captains Pool to check the moth trap which I had run through the previous evening.  Before I continue I would like to thank Tony & Jean for letting me run the trap on there land at the waters edge.  We had set up the trap under the large Oak tree there and I was secretly hoping to catch an Oak Beauty,  needless to say I didn't!

On emptying the trap we discovered that we had only caught 2 moths. In all honesty there are not a great number of species on the wing this time of year but it is worth running the trap periodically to trap some of these early season specialities.  The two moths we trapped were a Clouded Drab and a Hebrew Character (so called because of the black mark on it's forewing that is shaped like a Hebrew letter).

Hebrew Character (Orthosia gothica)

Clouded Drab (Orthosia incerta)


Early afternoon Tony and I decided to pop to Chaddesley Wood to try and catch up with the Orange Underwing and possible Light Orange Underwing (day flying) moths that Mark P had seen a couple of day's before.  Chaddesley Wood is only about 4 miles from the patch so we didn't have to travel far.

On arrival at the main entrance we saw an Orange Underwing that had come down from the tree tops to the side of the road.  Unfortunately I was unable to take a photo as it went up as a car went past...typical!  This was the only Orange Underwing we saw.

We then proceeded to walk the main ride which was literally chuffing with Light Orange Underwings.  I estimate that there were 20+ present and many were coming down from the tree tops and basking on the ride in the warm sunshine.  Every so many feet we were seemingly flushing another of the track only for it to land further back behind us...it was really great sight to see.

Also of note during this walk were 2 singing Chiffchaffs. The butterflies that we observed were 1 Peacock, 1 Small White and 2 Small Tortoiseshells. A Bee Fly (Bombylius major) was also noted.

Light Orange Underwing (Archiearis notha)

♂ Light Orange Underwing (Archiearis notha)

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  1. Well done with the LOU shots, Jason. Nice one.

  2. Cheers Dean - They were a lifer for me, so I was pleased to get some photos too!

  3. I need to loo out for those L.O.U Moths Jase, not noticed them before here :-)

  4. I don't think I have ever seen the Light Orange Underwing, It is attractive and to see them in the numbers you mention must have been great.

    I have also just enjoyed catching up with your patch news on your previous post. Lots of Chiffchaffs here too although managing to remain hidden from my camera ;-) The Fieldfares though seem to have been gone from my area for a couple of weeks now, maybe even longer. Lots of Peacocks and Small Torts, just hope a colder spell doesn't cause problems .