Pembrokeshire (part two)

Tuesday 15th May
This morning we drove a few miles down the road to visit the Gann Estuary.  I know the images the word 'eastuary' conjures up are of huge openings of rivers into the ocean with large mudflats when the tide is out.  The Gann however is a little different and is a small river that opens up into a medium sized bay.  Coming off the river are a handful of tidal creaks and behind the bay are a few small pools.  It is an interesting place for passage waders (although not in large numbers).

On arrival at the Gann we picked up a group of 7 Bar-tailed Godwits along the shoreline. Also present nearby were 8 Whimbrel and 2 Curlew.  During the walk round we also noted 3 Northern Wheatears and 4 Shelduck.  After walking a circuit around to view the somewhat unproductive creaks we walked back and spent some time scanning the shoreline as the tide was coming back in.  This bought in a flock of 12 Ringed Plover and 40 Dunlin. Oystercatchers were also present at the Gann in good numbers.

In the afternoon we paid a 2nd visit to Marloes Mere.  The Glossy Ibis were still present but only giving distant views today.  The weather was warm and sunny and brought out good numbers of insects.  Along the track, past the youth hostel, down to the mere we saw our first (and only) Wall Brown butterfly of the week.  Large numbers of Yellow Dungfly and smaller numbers of a dungfly known as the Noon Fly were also present (don't be put off by the name, these are smart looking insects).  Along the path there were many tents of rather stunning caterpillars of The Lackey moth.  A single Oak Eggar moth caterpillar was also noted.

The highlight of the day came along the track to the old hide on the opposite side to the mere.  Here we saw and I managed to photograph a Hairy Dragonfly.  This was a species that I hadn't seen before so I was dead chuffed.  This dragonfly gets its name from the visible hairs that are present on it's abdomen and thorax.  Also of note along this path was an immature Common Blue Damselfly.

What another great (yet different) day in Pembrokeshire...3 days in and the sun was still shining!

The 3rd and final part of the Pembrokeshire post is to follow....

Whimbrel - The Gann Estuary

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Ringed Plover & Dunlins - The Gann

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Noon Fly (Mesembrina meridiana) - Marloes Mere

The Lackey moth larvae - Marloes Mere

Oak Eggar moth larvae - Marloes Mere

Hairy Dragonfly - Marloes Mere

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  1. Hi Jason, I've just caught up with both your holiday posts. You obviously had a great time and saw lots of good stuff. Great photos too. I would have been happy to see any of the things you did but I must admit I'm particularly envious about the Puffins having always wanted to see them but never had the opportunity. Glossy Ibis, Choughs, I would have loved it all and I agree about Gannets, they are lovely birds. Well done on the Hairy Dragonfly too and also the Wall Brown, I have never seen either.

  2. Cracking larva that Lackey is.

  3. We used to have a neighbour who looked like that Whimbrel, same long neck and expression, lol. Another great read; I'm getting slightly envious! Can't wait for the next episode. Congratulations on the Dragonfly!

  4. Jan - If ever you get chance then Skoner is worth paying a visit too in Spring/Summer it really is a magical place!

    Dean - They really are smart lookers!

    Omi - Ha I have met a few Whimbrelesque people in my time too!

  5. A great find with the Hairy Dragonfly, Jason - and photo to match. Beautiful colours and detail.