Tuesday 8th May 2012 - Return to the Wyre Forest

As the weather conditions were a bit more favourable i decided to pay another visit to the Wyre Forest with the hope of seeing Pearl-bordered Fritillary.  There wasn't a sign of one but a whole host of interesting wildlife was observed.

I walked from Dry Mill Lane Carpark via Knowles Coppice to Lodge Hill Farm and came back via Town Coppice.  During this walk I noted 3 Common Redstarts, 3 Garden Warblers, 4 Tree Pipits and 2 singing Wood Warblers.  Two of the Garden Warblers were showing very well along the disused railway line, chasing and having a bit of a sing off as they competed for the territory

One of the highlights was watching a a herd of 6 Fallow Deer go ambling past whilst I was in Knowles Coppice.

Reptiles were well represented too with a cracking Adder seen basking at Town Coppice and 3 Slow Worms also recorded during the walk.

Mid afternoon the temperature was starting to feel warmer and the butterflies were starting to become active as a result.  Along the railway line in this period I observed 3 Brimstone (2♂), 2♂ Orange Tip, 1 Peacock and 3 Speckled Wood on the wing.  There were also swarms of Adela reaumurella long-horn moths on the wing enjoying the warmer conditions.

Right at the end of my visit, as I was nearing the car park, I spotted a Bee Fly feeding on the flowers at the edge of the path.  Bee Flies are parasitic and resemble bumble/solitary bees. The adult female Bee Fly flicks it's eggs toward the entrance of a bee's underground nest. After hatching, the larvae then find their way into the nests and feed on the bee larvae.

Garden Warbler - Wyre Forest, 8th May 2012 by Shenstone Birder

Tree Pipit - Wyre Forest, 8th May 2012 by Shenstone Birder

Bee Fly (Bombylius major)

Adder - 8th May 2012


  1. D`ya know, Jason, i`ve never ever seen a Bee Fly.

  2. i enjoy readin your , wish i could see so many things, i have even driven around your patch hoping to seee afew things you mention , Nick

  3. Dean - I don't think I had until last year but then I wasn't really looking I guess.

    Nick - Thanks Nick...they are out there...its just a case of knowing where to look at the right time of year and a lot of patience