Wednesday 23rd May 2012 - Shenstone

This afternoon, I decided to park up on Barrs Lane and undertake my invert walk across the field and back along the Butts Lane set-aside. 

The walk proved to be quite fruitful as I saw 2 Brown Argus and a Small Copper .  Both species of butterfly were the first patch sightings for 2012.

Also of interest during the walk were a small number of Doc Bug (Coreus marginatus), a species that I have not noted before at Shenstone.  Common Malachite Beetles were also present.

Doc Bug (Coreus marginatus)


  1. Goodness me! I am going to learn so much about Inverts from your posts Jason!

    Keep em coming...brill!

  2. Haven't seen Brown Argus or Small Copper yet this year Jason. My local patch at New Hythe seems to be lagging behind with butterflies at the moment. Just large White and Speckled Wood seen today.

  3. Hi Jason, I saw my first Common Malachite Beetle yesterday and am posting it later; they certainly catch your eye don't they! Nice photo :)

  4. Pam - I'm glad that people are enjoying reading about the invertibrates (it's an area that fascinates me). Mind you some of the birding purists out there will probably say "where are the birds on your patch?" simple they are all hidden by masses of foliage and busy looking after their young. It's a quite time for birders in general so an ideal time to look at other wildlife

  5. Phil - I'm sure you will be seeing them any day now mate!

    Omi - Yes they are nice looking little creatures...I look forawrd to reading your post!