The results are in...

Over the past 5 days I have run a poll to see what you, the readers, thought of my proposed idea to possibly change the name of the blog to reflect my wider interests in British Wildlife.  Four new names were proposed alongside the option of voting to keep the name as it is.

In total 64% of the people who voted said that I should keep Shenstone Birder as the blog name.  A further 23% voted for a change to The Shenstone Naturalist.  The remaining 3 proposals shared 13% of the vote.

So with this in mind I have decided, for now, to keep the blog as Shenstone Birder.  If at some point in future it does change it will most likely become Shenstone Naturalist.

I would like to thank all of you who voted and those of you who left comments and posted opinions.  For now, it is business as usual.



  1. I might register a site as the Shenstone Naturalist and then you will have to buy it off me!!!......

    ATB Laurie -

  2.'d have a job Laurie, I had already bagged the domain name just incase I went down that path!