Thursday 14th June 2012 - The Wyre Forest

Today there was a break in the weather (well it wasn't raining) and late morning Bev and I decided to take the opportunity to go for walk in the Wyre.  I was hoping to see (and possibly photograph) Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and my thinking was that due to it being mild and overcast, they may be less active and perch up for longer.  My thinking was correct and I managed to do both.

We started our walk by heading from Dry Mill Lane carpark and along Dowles Brook.  It was long before we saw one of the Wyre's speciality birds, a Dipper.  We watched for a fair while as one was bobbing up and down in the water periodically submerging to catch invertebrates.  Also during this stretch of the walk we heard two singing Wood Warblers and a distant Tree Pipit.

Next stop was the meadow at Knowles where we managed to see 5 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and as I predicted they were less flighty and photo opportunity beckoned.  The same couldn't be said of the numerous Chimney Sweeper moths that led both Bev and I on a right merry dance.  In the end neither of us managed a decent photo of one and with such high numbers of midges attacking us we gave up on that one.  Also of noted at the meadow were 3 Burnet Companion and 2 Yellow Shell moths.

Another species I was keeping my eyes peeled for was Golden-ringed Dragonfly.  I know they occur along the Dowles in small numbers but I hadn't managed to connect with them there in previous years.  But I know that fellow birder Mark P had observed a female there last week so I knew there was a shout.  Whilst Bev was photographing a Small pearl-bordered I walked a bit further along the track only to notice one perched on a stem low to the ground nearby.  Result!  this was a stonking ♂ Golden-ringed Dragonfly.  He was fairly inactive due to the conditions and I managed to get some very pleasing photos. 

We then walked up through Knowles Coppice and past Lodge Hill Farm.  In the area just past the orchard we noted 2 more Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and a single ♂ Meadow Brown butterfly (the first I've seen in 2012).  A Tree Pipit was heard singing nearby.

We then followed a very enjoyable walk by getting a bag of chips in Bewdley and sitting down by the river.  Life doesn't get much better! 

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Burnet Companion

♂ Golden-ringed Dragonfly


  1. That is the finest photos I've ever seen, well done Jason.

  2. Does sound idyllic, Jason, nature and chips, perfect :) Beautiful photos! It's good that Bev takes photos too, does she also blog?

  3. Cracking photos,Jason. My wife says that sounds like the perfect day out (she means the bag of chips by the river in Bewdley).

  4. What an excellent day out Jason. It sounds like you and Bev had a great time. Lovely photos and I particularly like the fritillary and the dragon neither of which I have seen.

  5. your real time is a bit out This blogger is from Newtown powys mid wales And I have not shot any of your days wildlife this season. glad you shared.

  6. Thanks Bob...much appreciated

    Omi - It was great! Nope Bev doesnt blog (yet) but I will post up a selection of her photosone of the days

    Mike - It was a good day and the chips weren't too bad either

    Jan - Thanks...if ever you get chance you should visit the wyre this time of year its a magical place

    Wildaboutwales -Thankyou