Wednesday 20th June - Shenstone

This afternoon something remarkable occurred, there was actually some sunshine!  Buoyed by this sudden glimpse of summer I headed straight down to the patch to see if there were any butterflies on the wing.

I decided to walk the circuit around Butts Lane/Barrs Lane and the adjacent field.  Within minutes of being out on the patch I picked up a Hobby flying in from the direction of Stone church and right over heading West.  This was the first Hobby of 2012 for the site and these agile raptors are always a welcome sight!  If I didn't see much else then the visit will still have been worth while.

Also on the bird front I watched an adult Common Buzzard return to its nest site carrying prey in its talons. On nearing the site the calls of a juvenile Buzzard could clearly be heard.  This was great news...I must check on the patch's other breeding pair over the next week.

As for the butterflies well, as with everywhere this poor summer, it wasn't as good on this front as I had hoped with only 4 Large Skippers and 1 Small White noted.

I did however fair better on the moth front with 4 Cinnabar Moths noted.  On walking through the long grasses I flushed good numbers of Grass Veneers and 2 Timothy Tortrix moths (I love that makes me smile every time I hear it!). The highlight on the invert front though was flushing a Common Wainscot moth which I managed to relocate and photograph.  Not an uncommon species but one I hadn't noted at this site before.

All in all it was an enjoyable and productive walk.  It's just a shame that the crappy weather would set back in for the next couple of days!

Small White

Large Skipper

Common Wainscot (Mythimna pallens)

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  1. Ah! The sunshine, I remember that!! Lovely pics Jason.

  2. Looks like some useable weather coming this week Jase, not exactly summer, but better than of late.

  3. Lovely, sunny!!! photos Jason :-) Well done on the Hobby! Timothy Tortrix is my all time favourite moth name, I look forward to the name appearing on blogs every year. I believe its name is rather more impressive than its appearance!

  4. You've caught the shunshine beautifully in that glowing Small White, Jason.
    Timothy Tortrix sounds like a Beatrix Potter character!

  5. The white butterflies are the summeriest of them all for me - I haven't been quick enough to photograph one yet though. Your photo is beautiful. For what it's worth, Timothy Tortrix sounds like a Harry Potter character to me. :/

  6. Keith - Sunshine certainly is a rarity this summer mate!

    Warren - I will take what ever opportunity the weather may allow...lets hope the forcast is correct!!!

    Rob - Thanks. Timothy Tortrix, the name just creases me it's just so un moth like!

    Omi - Thank you. I believe he is in Hufflepuff ;-)

  7. Great set of pics in this & the last few posts, Jase. Nice one.

  8. An enjoyable summary of your Patch walk Jason and smashing pics! Timothy Tortrix is one I haven't heard of before now Jason. I have just looked at images on Google and see it is similiar to the Common Wainscot you found, how on earth can you tell the! Is it the size?

  9. Excellent photos again Jason. Well done spotting the Hobby, not seen one this year (I can see Stone Church from my house). Seen very few bats so far (we normally gets lots), wonder if it has something to do with this weather?

  10. Dean - Cheers's been fairly productive during the breaks in the weather!

    Pam - Thanks. Yes it is size Common Wainscot is about 3-4 times the size of timothy tortrix, which is only a micro moth

    Mike - Cheers, it's only the second local Hobby I've seen this year. I'm sure the weather has affected many things this year (bats included)