13th September 2012 - Shenstone

No sign of any notable passage passerines on the deck this morning but there was definitely a steady movement of birds flying through.

At one point up on Heath Lane I counted c.80 Swallows and 14 House Martins over the fields.  Small groups of Meadow Pipits flew over heading South East with groups of 6, 3 and 2 noted.  3 Common Buzzards were up over the rear of the model aircraft field.

At the Heath Lane paddock there was a flock of 27 Mistle Thrushes present.  A single Corn Bunting and 2 Meadow Pipits were on the wires.

Next, I headed across to Witch Lane where 4 Pied Wagtails were on the cricket pitch and c.20 House Martins were wheeling about overhead. 

Further down the lane near the concrete pad there was a very showy ♂ Common Darter dragonfly that was perching on a fence in the sunshine in some rather photogenic positions ;-)

Also of interest at Witch Lane were 5 Common Buzzards that were circling and a single Skylark that flew over calling heading South.

Common Darter ♂

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  1. Bits and pieces Jase, rather like here at the moment :-)

  2. Yes mate...it's very much like that at the mo. still Sept/October can produce the odd exceptional bird

  3. Nice Common Darter Jase. Yeah...the return passage as started...not be long now before it hots up.

  4. Cheers Deano. Fingers crossed mate!

  5. Nothing dragons like better than sunning themselves on wood, great capture!

  6. Still the best nature blog though....

  7. Jan - I couldn't agree more

    Steve - Thanks for the kind words...much appreciated