Monday 17th September 2012 - Eymore Wood

This afternoon I decided to pay a visit to Eymore Wood near Upper Arley.  It's only a few miles up the road from where live and it's a place that I used to visit regularly, although I haven't been there much since early Spring.

I had heard from a friend that he had seen 6 Crossbills there a couple of days back and, as I think they are smart looking birds, I thought I would do a walk there and see if they were still around.

The walk was reasonably productive on the woodland birds front with Marsh Tit, Coal Tit, Treecreeper, Goldcrest and Great Spotted Woodpecker noted. 

Fungi were starting to become apparent with a 3 nice clumps of Spectacular Rustgill found on a mossy tree stump and a few Weeping Widow scattered along a grassy path at the edge of the wood.

I had just come to the edge of the wood near the lower carpark and still hadn't had sight nor sound of any Crossbills when I suddenly picked up on the loud bubbling 'jib jib jib'call as a group of 12 Common Crossbills flew over  at tree top height and disappeared into the wood on the opposite side of the road.  I looked back to where they had flown from and to my amazement found 2 more Common Crossbills (1♂ & 1♀) that had remained feeding in the Larch. 

I cannot describe how good looking the all red male is and the green coloured female is none to shabby either. Unfortunately I was unable to get my camera set up on them before they flew so today's photos are from the same location from a previous visit.

Nearby a flock of 9 Siskin were busy feeding.  These were the first I have seen this autumn and were a more than welcome end to an enjoyable walk.  I will have to not leave it so long next time before I return to this splendid woodland.

Common Crossbill ♂

Common Crossbill ♀


  1. I have just caught up with your last 3 posts Jason, interesting reading and splendid images once again from you!
    Good to know the Crossbills are back at Eymore Wood and great news with the Siskins too!

  2. Crossbills have only ever graced my patch in one year Jase, no hope of a photo as they only flew over!

  3. Thanks Pam...glad you enjoyed the posts. It was indead pleasing to see the Crossbills back

    Warren - I still need them for my patch list mate!