Blogging Break

After much deliberation over recent weeks I have decided to have a break from blogging for a while. 

I have been reporting on the comings and goings of my local patch (and a few other away days) for nearly 2 and half years now and to be honest enjoyed sharing my experiences with you.  But I feel that, now I am feeling more chipper with my mental health, I need to focus more of my time on trawling the jobs websites and trying to get back into work.  I have been actively trying since January with little success but I won't give up!

I do however think that a break from blogging may be the right thing at the current time.  This however isn't intended to be permanent and Shenstone Birder will resume in the future.  When, I can't say.  It could be in 2 weeks or it could be in 2 months. 

So please do check back periodically to see when I am up and running again.  If you should wish to contact me or be informed of when the blog does resume then drop me a line at:

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to you...the readers of this blog.  Your comments on the blog, via email or verbally when we have conversed have made the whole exercise well worthwhile and one that, as I have already stated, I will resume again when I feel the time is right.

Thanks for your support!

To be continued.......


  1. Hi Jason, I'll certainly miss your excellent reports and stunning photography. I hope your back in weeks rather than months and wish you all the best in your search for employment, in this present economic climate I know how difficult it can be.

    Miss you already come back soon mate.



  2. I know how you feel Jase. Good luck with the job hunting & all the best for the future :)

  3. I have only been reading your blog since January, but I am really going to miss it. You have given me so much local info ( I live near your patch). Only this morning I heard a Ciff-Chaff at full blast in our garden and though "I must ask Jason if that is unusual." Best of luck for the future and I hope to see you around again soon.

  4. Best of luck, Jase. It's always a pleasure looking in on your blog so I do hope you'll be back soon.

    Cheers, Rob

  5. Keith - Cheers, your right it is difficult at the mo. As for the blog...well I'm missing it already this morning so it probably will be weeks rather than months! I have left my twitter feed open if you ever want to pm me regarding owt

    Dean - Thqanks mate. I know you are very much in the same boat as myself...hopefully we will get that rub of the green in the near future!

    Mike - Thanks, it's not unusual for the odd warbler to sing on passage or after post breeding dispersal. Over the past couple of weeks I have heard snippits of Black Cap, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler in song. Feel free to email me if ever you have any questions Mike

    Rob - Cheers mate. Hopefully my blogging sabbatical won't be too long

  6. Good luck with the job hunt Jason, fingers crossed that someone somewhere has the good fortune to employ you!

    You will be missed, I hope to see your Blog up and running again sooner rather than later!

    Take care and best wishes


  7. Thats a shame Jase, your blog is one of the more interesting. Good luck with the Job,if it was possible I'd let you have mine, I'm looking to stop work with any opportunity!

  8. Aww, a real shame jase! Echoing comments already said, i hope it wont be too long untill you'll be back blogging, its great having a little 'network' of local patchers blogging :)
    But anyway, good luck with your job search, something i will probs be following soon too, but just to fund a car untill i can get a propper conservation job after going to uni..
    ATB and hope your back soon!
    See you around tho

  9. Blogging certainly is time-consuming, almost a full-time job in itself - I'm having trouble finding time for it at the moment too. It's been great getting to know you over the last few months, Jason :) Hope it's not too long before we see you again. Good luck with the job hunt!

  10. Pam - Thanks...I know something will come up eventually, not the best economic climate to be lokking for work at the mo though. As for the will probably return sooner rather than later as I am already missing doing it!

    Warren - Cheers mate much appreciated...I will return ;-)

    Craig - Thanks mate. I'm sure everything will work out in the end. As for the blog break...some how I think it will be weeks rather than months. You don't realize how much you miss something until you stop doing it!

    Omi- It's been great getting to know you too...I'm sure I will get there in the end!

  11. Wishing you the very best of luck Jason! I know how difficult it is to muster up motivation and confidence so well done!

    I look forward to your return to blogging but don't let yourself feel under any pressure, wait till the time is right. Blogging is so time consuming. I often think about giving it up altogether especially as my posts get so few and far between.