Monday 10th December 2012 - Shenstone

Today I spent the majority of my patch visit undertaking my BTO Winter Thrush Survey around the Stanklyn Lane fields. 

There certainly are not many winter thrushes present on the patch at the mo with only 4 Mistle Thrush and 3 Fieldfare observed feeding on the deck and a further 2 Fieldfares noted flying over heading NW.  I also recorded 9 Blackbirds feeding in the hedgerows.

The walk wasn't a complete loss though as I did pick up a patch scarcity in the form of a ♀ Reed Bunting which was part of a mixed bunting flock that also included 21 Corn Buntings and 5 YellowhammersReed Buntings are only ever recorded on a handful of occasions each year at Shenstone, usually during the winter months.  That said a pair did attempt to breed at a site just off Barrs Lane in 2010.

There were 2 Green Woodpeckers present in the paddocks and an imm. Cormorant was seen circling over Stanklyn Pool.  Also of interest during this walk was a ♀ Sparrowhawk, a ♀ Kestrel, c.40 Chaffinch, 4 House Sparrows and a flock of 11 Long-tailed Tits.

After completing the survey walk I decided to quickly whistle-stop around some of the other patch areas to see what may or may not be about.  Heath Lane was pretty much devoid of birds but for a Green Woodpecker in the top paddock and a ♂ Kestrel that was hovering over the adjacent field.

Witch Lane was more productive with 22 Fieldfare and 3 Redwing feeding down in the fields.  An adult Cormorant, a ♀ Kestrel and a covey of 7 Red-legged Partridge were also observed.

Corn Bunting - 10th December 2012

Winter Colour - Stanklyn Lane


  1. Great pictures jase.
    Its weird your getting similarly low numbers of winter thrushes as me on the patch, and (other than Blackbirds) im struggling to get into double figures!
    Nice to know the Corn Bunt flock is still around, still not had one this year!!

  2. Reed Buntings are just as scarce here Jase :-(

  3. Hi Jason, with the berry stocks almost depleted it's a mystery as to where all the Thrushes go! One minute there all over the place the next?? At a recent visit to Brandon I recorded only a single Fieldfare.



  4. Craig - Cheers. Yeah it's odd about those thrushes. As for the Corn Buntings, well the number present is varying from day to day as the flock splits some days and then re-joins on others but the maxima I have had this winter was a flock of 60.

    Warren - Although a common bird at wetlands they are becoming an increasingly scarce arable bird I feel

    Keith - It's interesting to hear its the same for you at Brandon as it is round these parts. Although most years I find that I get large numbers of winter thrushes again (usually from late Jan) feeding up in the fields. Will be interesting to see what happens in the New Year