The Kidderminster Peregrine

As readers of this blog, many of you will know that I occasionally mention the ♂ Peregrine that has been frequenting a town centre chimney stack for a 2 or 3 years now.  Sometimes I am unable to see this bird as it varies which side of the stack it perches up on and I can only see the one side from the bedroom window.

On Christmas Eve, whilst sat wrapping presents, i noticed that it was showing very well and decided to set the scope up to have a better view of him.  One of the highlights came when, at 12:40pm the Peregrine was mobbed a couple of times by a passing Sparrowhawk.  I'm sure the Sparrowhawk wouldn't have tried that if the Peregrine was airborne, as they are not only the most skilled aerial hunters out there, but also the fastest animal on the planet (able to reach over 200 mph during its hunting dive).

Also of interest is the fact that most days at around 10:30pm a pair of Ravens alight the tower for 20 minutes or so to pick through the Peregrine's left overs.

Anyway, below I have attached some footage of the Peregrine.  It's not great but it does serve as a record. Really the bird was too far for digiscoping especially taken through the double glazing on a dull day, but I had a go all the same.

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  1. That's about the same view I get of the one that frequents the Tower here !

  2. Sorry....but i`m more taken aback by your new header pic. That`s a belter Jase.

  3. Nice one Jason, wish I could see a Peregrine from my bedroom.Often see Raven flying NW from here, always thought they were heading for Wyre Forest, but wife has seen them in town centre several times so maybe be a regular source of food there. She also often waves to a Buzzard which perches on a lampost above the ring road behind Morissons!

  4. That was a very nice little Christmas present Jason and you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home to watch it :-)

    Hope you have been enjoying a very Happy Christmas!

  5. Warren - distant or not they are still great to see!

    Deano - Thanks mate. This was down on the patch during the harsh winter a couple of years back

    Mike - Ravens are certainly on the increase locally. As for Buzzards, there is barely a day when I don't see one if I am out driving in my car....and it's great to see!

    Jan - Absolutely! Mince pie, mulled cider and a peregrine from your window...cant be bad! ;-)