Monday 3rd December 2012 - Captains Pool

There was no intention of undertaking any birding today as it was a bit of a messy one with various appointments throughout the day.  That said late morning I received a text off TS informing me that he had got a mixed flock of finches feeding in one of the Alders at the edge of Captains Pool.  In total he had recorded 5 Lesser Redpolls, 10 Siskin and 15 Goldfinch.  These were the first Lesser Redpolls on the patch this winter so I headed over.

Unfortunately, when I arrive only 2 Siskin (1♂, 1♀) and 8 Goldfinch remained.  Still they were nice to see and I managed to get a bit of Siskin video footage so it wasn't a wasted journey.  A cracking looking Nuthatch was also showing in the adjacent trees.

The pool itself was now partially frozen and stood on the ice were 41 Black-headed Gulls and a single Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Click on Youtube logo to view enlarged video


  1. Great video Jase, not seen a Siskin in our garden yet and Goldfinch numbers seem to be down.LBB looked a bit miserable when I was down by Captains on Saturday.Saw what I thought was a mixed flock of Finches towards Stanklyn a little later, but I don't have your identification skills.

  2. Nice piece on the Siskin,brilliant.

  3. Bob - Many thanks mate

    Mike - Cheers! There has been a build up in finch numbers along stanklyn with c.40 Chaffinch, 20 Goldfinch, 10+ Greenfinch, c.60 Linnet, 8 Yellowhammer and between 30 to 60 Corn Buntings present most days

  4. Excellent video as usual! Never manage to get the birds to stop for long enough when I've tried it but you seem to have knack!



  5. Cheers Keith. To be honest mate for every decent bit of footage there are a hell of a lot of crap ones that I take!

  6. Nice bit of video Jason. I had a couple of Siskins in my garden for a couple of days in the Winter a few years back, lovely little birds.