Out and about...random away days!

Hi folks, it's been a wee while since i last posted so I just thought I would check in with you all.

There is no news regarding the Shenstone planning proposal at the moment other than it is scheduled to go to Wyre Forest District Council's planning committee on  the 9th April 2013.  I will keep you updated on any further news and developments.

As for the birding, I haven't been doing much patch birding recently as February is always pretty much a dead month there.  I have however undertaken a handful of away days to other places.

24th January - Grimley:
Visited Camp Lane pits with TS to see the 2 Smew (♀ & 1st winter ♂)  that have been present for 4 weeks now.  Also caught up with Grey Plover, Sanderling and small numbers of Goldeneye there.  c.120 Wigeon were also present at Camp Lane.

4th Febuaury - South Staffordshire:
This morning Tony and me made our usual winter trip to catch up with the roosting Tawny Owls in a South Staffs woodland.  Only 1 Tawny Owl was showing today but it did look rather stunning in the glow of the suns rays.

4th February - Upton Warren:
On the afternoon, TS and I visited the Moors Pool at Upton Warren to catch up with Jack Snipe.  Also of note here were 2 Shelduck and a single ♀ Wigeon.

14th February - Grimley and Holt:
I made a return visit to Camp Lane pits to see the 2 Smew. 3 Goldeneye (1♂ & 2♀) were also noted.

At Grimley I bumped into Terry H, Terry N and Richard E & his mate Steve.  Needless to say much nattering ensued. The latter gents are known to me and Tony as "those 2 blokes that we keep bumping into everywhere!" Why? you may ask...well because we literally do!!!

At Holt there was an impressive flock of c.400 Lapwing on the flood fields next to sling pool.  Also of note here were 62 Wigeon, 32 Gadwall, 22 Tufted Duck, 6 Teal and 1 ♂ Shoveler.

19th February - Wyre Forest:
Today, saw me and Tony pop for a walk in the Wyre along the disused railway line.  On arrival at Lodgehill we connected with a good flock of Siskin.  With them were at least 3 Lesser Redpoll.  I had breif views of Hawfinch perched up but unfortunately it flew before I could get TS onto it.  That said it was a gloriously mild, sunny day and we were treated to good views of a number of raptors up displaying, seen from the foot bridge.  Oh yes and we bumped into "those 2 blokes that we keep bumping into everywhere!"

Tawny Owl - 4th Feb 2013

Jack Snipe - 4th February 2013
(crappy record shot of the elusive beggar!)


  1. Some good stuff there Jase. You`re lucky to even get a record shot of the Jack.

  2. Well done getting the Jack Snipe, Jason. They are hard enough to see never mind photograph.

  3. Cheers both...they are tricky at the best of times!

  4. Looks like you are doing ok for february Jase, Some great species seen :-)

  5. Nice highlights Jason some really good birds and well done getting the Jack Snipe pic and love the Tawny, I've rarely found them roosting in the day.

  6. Thanks Warren...it's just a pity none are on the patch! Well done on the Barn Owl btw mate

    Cheers Alan...Its a fairly well known local site for roosting Tawny and the only one thats pretty much a banker each year

  7. I enjoyed reading about your 'random away days'! The Tawny Owl image is a cracker aqnd that Jack Snipe looks as though it is teasing you Jason!

    Hard to believe that March has arrived!Hopefully it will bring warmer and brighter weather!