Update on the proposed development at Shenstone

This week, I have been liaising with the resident group's planning consultant Philip Deely from RCA Regeneration to provide more details of the wildlife in the Heath Lane area and some photos of birds in situ at the site.

I have also been liaising with Kirsty Brannon (RSPB Farm Conservation Advisor for the Midlands region) regarding the birds at risk. I am currently pulling together details of all Corn Bunting sightings in 2012/13 for her with relevant location details etc.

I have contacted the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust with the concerns.

Finally, the Shenstone planning issue has made both the Kidderminster Shuttle and the Express and Star newspapers. To read these articles click on the below links:



Juvenile Corn Bunting - Shenstone, September 2011


  1. Good luck Jase, rather Corn Buntings than Pikies!

  2. Well done Jason. Wonderful that you are taking such an active part. I have objected and commented citing the Corn Bunting concerns. Not sure if living so far away, I am really eligible but I have tried :-) Very good luck to you.

  3. Thanks for your support Jan. I dont think your location will matter as it's a nationally declining species and this is a sizeable population so not just a concern at local level. I've had folks from Nottingham, Devon and Yorkshire object so I wouldnt worry about it ;-)