Shenstone and Captains Pool round up

Hello all, it's been a wee while.  What with injured knees and fighting the good fight for the local wildlife, I haven't posted many posts.  So, below is a bit of a compilation post of some of the highlights from the local patch over recent weeks.....

Tuesday 29th January:
I had the the joy of seeing a ♂ Merlin was seen hunting low over stubble fields before flying off towards Mustow Green late afternoon.

Sunday 3rd February:
There were 10 Goosander (5♂, 5♀) were present on Captains Pool late afternoon (TS) and when I arrived they were present for around 10 minutes before flying off in a NE direction.  I also had cracking views of a Kingfisher on the island.

Monday 4th February:
Goosander (2♂) dropped in on Captains Pool late afternoon (TS).

Tuesday 5th February:
The winter flock of c.40 Corn Buntings was still present in the Stanklyn Lane area.  Also present in the stubble fields were 3 Yellowhammers, c.60 Chaffinch, c.80 Linnet and 18 Goldfinch.  Also I heard a Skylark in song in this area.

♂ Merlin - Shenstone, March 2012
(Archive record footage)


  1. Nice one Jason, the video of a Merlin is excellent.

  2. Some good species there Jase...considering the month. All systems go once we`ve got February out of the way.

  3. Ten Goosanders on Captains! I went looking for them in Pembrokeshire (normally a good place), but only saw two.Perhaps I should have stopped at home. Then again......

  4. Thanks Bob...its not as sharp as I would like but the weather was lousy on that particular day!

    Cheers Deano - yeah not to bad all things considered. I still hate this time of year though!

    This was a new patch record Mike. Previously 2 Goosander was the maximum that either Tony or myself had ever recorded there! Judging by what you saw in Pembs Mike I wouldnt have swapped!

  5. Ten Goosanders is fantastic Jason, I thought Warren's three was a good count!

  6. An interesting round up Jason and lucky you with the Merlin and managing a video of it too! I counted 16 Goosander on Brake Mill Pool on the 30th January, nice to see so many though they were distant!

    I have received an acknowledgement letter from the Wyre Forest District Council today. I see the application could be determined on the 9th April, hopefully plenty more letters/comments of objection will have been received by the Council by that date.

  7. Thanks's a record count for this location.

    Cheers Pam. I know many people who have objected so hopefully it will add weight to the cause!

  8. Hi Jason. received invite to April council meeting. wud be gud to run round the patch with you on a weekend in march if you are up for it just to deepen my understanding of the issues before I prepare my submission and attend the meet to help your cause

  9. Hi Chris,
    No problem...I will message you in March and we can arrange something