Friday 14th March 2014 - Wyre Forest & Habberley Valley

This morning I met up with a mate of mine, WFDC Ranger, Adam H to undertake a walk in the Wyre and possibly Habberley Valley NR afterwards to look for Adders. The mid morning mist had burned off and the temperature was starting to rise...we were hopeful of connecting with a few of these stunning snakes.

On starting our circuit of the coppice we soon picked up on our first ♂ Adder basking on a mossy log, a good start!  Little did we know that this would be the only one we would observe in our circuit around together.  That said we were also treated to a Comma butterfly, a Small Tortoiseshell and an Orange Underwing moth. Unfortunately a call from school informing Adam that his daughter was unwell cut short our searching...still it had been an enjoyable catch up all the same.

Adder - Wyre Forest, 14th March 2014

Comma - Wyre Forest, 14th March 2014

Shortly after Adam had left I bumped into Wyre forest resident & local Adder guru Sylvia Sheldon.  Also with Sylvia was Matt L.  I joined them for part of their transect walk which was fairly unproductive until we reached the hotspot where yet again 5♂ Adders were basking.  After a while they continued on wards but I hung back and took a few more photos of these stunning creatures (well it would be rude not too!)

Adders - Wyre Forest, 14th March 2014

After lunch I decided to pay a trip to the Habberley Valley NR which is situated between Kidderminster and Bewdley.  Armed with some information that Adam had given me as to the favoured areas of the reserves Adders I decided to go and take a look. 

I spent about half hour or so checking the said area when who should turn up but former Wyre Forest warden and respected veteran wildlife photographer John Robinson.  John had popped in on the off chance of seeing the Adders before doing an ecological survey at some nearby rock houses.  Together we re-checked the site again but to no avail...there was but one thing we could do, stop and have a good natter!  As we was chatting I noticed some movement down by my feet...I looked down to see a stunning ♂ Adder slither between us and out onto the open grass in front of us...result!  This individual, although not a 'black adder', was much darker than the ones I had seen earlier that day in the Wyre.  What an amazing experience and a good end to a great day!

Adder - Habberley Valley NR, 14th March 2014

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