Tuesday 2nd March 2014 - The Wyre Forest

Today Bev and I decided to make the most of the mild weather and go for a walk in the Wyre Forest.  The walk along the dis-used railway line felt really Spring-like with bird song seemingly all around us, interspersed with the occasional drumming of a Great Spotted Woodpecker and the kronking call of a distant Raven.  In the skies above 4 Common Buzzards were making the most of the weather and soaring on the thermals.

At Town Coppice I spent some time looking for some of the forest's reptilian residents.  At this point Bev and I split up and she carried on walking whilst I undertook a slow search of the bracken clad clearing.  My time was well spent as I managed to locate (and photograph) 4 basking Common Lizards.  Three of which had their tails intact and one was without.  Tail loss in Common Lizards isn't an uncommon occurrence as they will shed their tails as a defence strategy against predators.  Common lizards have an amazing way to escape capture from predators.  If caught by the tail it will snap off at a joint near the base, leaving their predator holding just the tail which will continue to wriggle for a while after separation.  The lizard can grow a new tail if it lives long enough, although the new tail will be shorter and thicker than the original.

A while later Bev and I met back up and she filled me in on her equally enjoyable wildlife experiences having seen a Muntjac deer in the orchard at Lodge Hill and encountered good numbers of both Lesser Redpoll & Siskin at the footbridge.

All I can say is... what an enjoyable day, the Wyre Forest can be such a magical place!

Common Lizards - 2nd March 2014


  1. Beautiful Lizard images Jason.

  2. Cracking set of Lizards, Jase. The nearest ones to me are quite a few miles away in Clumber Park (Notts).

  3. Good to see some Lizards emerging again Jason. They've always been a favourite of mine.

  4. A good session. It can be great there, especially when the ( irresponsible ) Dog Walkers and Cyclists are not there !

  5. Hi Jason, great shots of the Lizards! It seems that your patience in searching for them really paid off. Also see you tweeted your first patch Chiffchaff today! Spring is really here :)