Monday 10th March 2014 - Wyre Forest

Today I made a return to the Wyre to take another look at it's reptilian inhabitants.  I arrived at Dry Mill Lane around 11am  and walked along the disused towards the coppice.  Along the railway line a pair of Grey Wagtails were flitting about and occasionally perching up on the low branches of the adjacent trees. I enjoyed watching these for a while until they took off and headed down the embankment towards Dowles Brook.

At  the coppice I soon picked up on 'Stumpy', the ♂ Common Lizard without a tail that I saw the previous week in the same area.  This time he was sitting out on the wooden tree stump basking in the sun.

Common Lizard (Zootoca vivipara ) - 10th March 2014

Some way along the same ride I picked up on my 1st  Adder of the day in an area where I haven't previously observed one.  This wasn't the most photogenic of Adders due to it's position half under the bracken but I took a few record shots all the same.

Adder (Vipera berus) - 10th March 2014

Also basking on the bracken along this stretch was a rather stunning Small Tortoiseshell butterfly.  I've got to say it's good to see a few flutters now on the wing!

Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) - 10th March 2014

A bit further along on my walk I was lucky enough to find a Slow Worm half hidden under some vegetation, my first of the year.  Again not the most photogenic but needless to say record shots ensued.  Personally I think that Slow Worms are always nicer to see when they are basking in the open than under a tin or roof felt sheet.

Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis) - 10th March 2014

On completing this part of my walk I bumped into fellow wildlife blogger Mark P ( and local wildlife artist/illustrator Matt L (, needless to say much wildlife nattering ensued.  After a while Mark had to scoot but Matt and I went back to see the Slow Worm and then on to another spot in the forest where a number of Adders had been seen basking.  We were in luck and 5♂ Adders were showing and, by keeping a respectable distance and not disturbing them with our vibrations from walking around, we were able to get some great views and nice photos.  It was a real privilege to see these majestic creatures in all there glory!

Adders (Vipera berus) - 10th March 2014


  1. Oh yes, Slow worm, common Lizard and the Adder, and plenty of the Adder, well photographed Jason.

  2. Great Adder shots Jason. Haven't seen one yet this year so I'm suitably jealous!

  3. Wish I had adders on my patch Jase, love to get a photo of one. Nice one mate :-)

  4. great read and great shots too jase

  5. Bob - Thanks was one of those good days!

    Phil - Cheers. I'm lucky as they can be found (in small numbers) at sites a couple of miles down the road

    Warren - So do I mate...I've never had a Slow Worm at Shenstone...let alone an Adder!

    Gizz - Thanks mate...much appreciated

  6. Cracking set of shots, Jase. I`ve never seen Adder or Slow i am a tad envious!!

  7. Great set of reptiles, excellent stuff!!

  8. Cheers Deano...Were very lucky to have them locally mate!

    Alan - thanks...much appreciated!