Friday 11th April 2014 - Captains Pool & Hillditch

Today I paid a visit to my beverage establishment of choice Tony's Café.  After refreshments I wandered down to the edge of Captains pool where the Treecreeper's nest had sadly been abandoned. It appears that the loose bark containing the nest had come way from the tree and the nest had all but fallen out.  A real shame!

Treecreeper's Nest (abandoned)

Also of note at Captains Pool was a ♂ Brimstone that fluttered past, my first on the patch this year.

From Captains Pool Tony & I headed over to Hillditch Pool near Hartlebury.  There wasn't much change in the butterfly species present since my last visit although Speckled Wood and Small White were first for the year.

Also of interest was a rather showy Chiffchaff , one of three singing there, that posed nicely for photos.

Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)


  1. Hi Jase, are the dates of your posts all wrong, or are you just playing catch up ?

    Real pity about the Treecreepers nest :-(

  2. Playing catch up know me!