Monday 26th November 2012 - Hartlebury and Shenstone

Today I decided start off by paying a visit to the nearby Hartlebury Trading Estate to have a look for Waxwings.  I have been checking out this location pretty much every other day for the last three weeks as it is one of the few places left where the Rowans  still have berries on.  The previous day their had been a small flock of Waxwings a few miles up the road at Chaddesley Corbett so their was every chance that I could pick up some here.

As I was driving down one of the avenues at the estate I picked up a flock of Starling sized birds flying over towards the said area.  I headed over there and there was no sign at the Rowans.  Then, suddenly I heard the unmistakable high pitch trilling call of one from the opposite side of the road.  I looked across and saw a flock of 14 Waxwings perched in the top of one of the trees at the back of a kitchen company car park.  I nipped back to my car and grabbed some record shots before the birds flew towards the rear of the kitchen company building. 

I had held out from seeing the Chaddesley Waxwings as I really like to try and self-find some if I can during invasion years.  I wouldn't knock anyone for going to twitch some...they really are stunning birds and I recommend that everyone should try and see some at some point.  But me, well I get more of a buzz from finding birds (and not necessarily the rare ones) and I felt that today's flock was reward for the time I had put in at this site previously.

From Hartlebury I headed back via the patch.  At Witch Lane there was a Common Buzzard, a ♂ Kestrel and a flock of 12 Long-tailed Tits present.  A single Cormorant flew over heading WSW.

Along Stanklyn Lane there was still a flock of 21 Corn Buntings present.  16 Redwings, 3 Mistle Thrush and 3 Jays were also noted
Late afternoon I received a call from Tony informing me that a Goosander had dropped in on Captains Pool.  Goosander are a scarce winter visitor on the patch so I quickly headed over.  The light was starting to go when I arrived but I still managed a record shot (only just though as the bird was continually diving).  After about 20 minutes it decided it had spent long enough on Captains pool and took flight going high in a NE direction. 

After the Goosander had flown it was into Tony's Cafe for a quick brew.  What a great way to round of a good day.

Waxwings - Hartlebury Trading Estate, 26th Nov 2012

Goosander - Captains Pool, 26th Nov 2012


  1. Love your birding attitude Jason!! It's great to find your own!! Great job :)

  2. I couldnt have said it better, A post combining how Waxwings are amazing birds, and how much better it is to find your own. Ive been quite lucky with them so far, a flock of 17 in the lake district, and had one fly over my Upper Gornal garden today, and its still november!
    Great Pictures

  3. Cheers Keith. To some of my birding friends it can seem quite weird when I don't always twitch the local goodies that turn up but that's just the way I roll. I pick and choose what I do go for

    Thanks Craig. I'm glad you agree. The first few times I saw Waxwings back in the 90's I went to twitch them locally...I would recommend it to any one. Since then I have found them a number of times in Worcestershire and the West Midlands...they are such great birds.

  4. Nice find Jase. Still loads of em around here in South Yorks.

  5. Well done on locating your Waxwings Jase, I wish there were berry laden trees here.
    Well done with the Goosander too, I used to get them drop in here on the lakes, but disturbance has now greatly increased :-(

  6. Very well done on the Waxwings Jason and I completely agree with you, a twitch is alright but it's so much more rewarding to find your own. Not that I have ever had any luck with Waxwings :-( Well done too with the Goosander, very elegant birds I think.

  7. Seeing Waxwings is always special I think, the best views I have had have been from 'twitching' them ( and I qualify that as a very few miles! ). The only ones I found were on a very murky day on your patch, I enjoyed the find, but wouldn't rave about the quality of the view for the few minutes they stuck around..Self finds of any decent bird are the holy grail though I agree !