Thurs 8th November 2012 - Habberley Valley NR

With my car now back and  I could start getting out and about again to get my nature fix.  This morning I decided not to do the patch but to head to the local reserve of Habberley Valley, in the hope of catching a some more of the autumn's fungi before the season is over.

On walking the reserve,  t soon became apparent that many of the fungi I had encountered on my previous visit had gone over with only a handful of rather tatty old specimens of Cep, Ochre Brittlegill and Earthball noted.

The most productive area was the wooded slopes on the western side of the reserve.  Here I noted a few interesting species of fungi including Hairy Curtain Crust, Peniophora quercina, Purple Jellydisc and Stagshorn.

After spending a while mooching about in the leaf litter I decided to take a walk onto Ridgestone Rock, the highpoint at the North end of the reserve, to take in the views.  I took the fairly steep track up along the western edge and after a short walk along the lane dropped back onto the summit of the rock.   The views and the autumn colour were rather spectacular.

For the descent I walked down the zig-zag series of steps known locally as Jacob's Ladder (or as my mate Tony once called it Jehovah's Staircase!).  On the decent I connected with a Tit flock and was rather pleased to see a Marsh Tit amongst them.  Other birds of interest during the walk included 2 Common Buzzards, a ♀ Great-Spotted Woodpecker, 3 Jays and a ♀ Sparrowhawk.

The walk back to the car was rather uneventful, although I did hear a Nuthatch calling. Still it was a pleasant walk around a pleasant reserve and a far better way of spending a couple of hours than watching day time TV!

Autumn Colour at Habberley Valley

Peniophora quercina

Purple Jellydisc (Ascocoryne sarcoides)


  1. Poking your eyes out with a sharp stick is better than day time tv Jase :-) :-) :-)

  2. Incredible detail and range of tones in your treescape, Jason. That's a view that would be hard to leave behind.

    Hairy Curtain Crust sounds like something they'd find in How Clean is Your House! There are some fascinating fungi out there.

  3. Some nice colour there Jason, looks like a nice place to explore.

  4. Warren - I couldn't agree more mate. Dont even start me on Jeremy bloody Kyle!

    Cheers Bob - I love the autumnal colours but they are all over so soon. lol. I can just see kim and Agy tackling the curtain crust!

    Thanks Alan - It is an interesting place and only a couple of miles up the road. Although I have been guilty of not going there often up until this autumn