Sunday 18th November 2012 - A Patch Scarcity

Earlier this evening, around 5:30 pm, I was driving back home when I had a whim and decided to drive through Shenstone.  It was now dark but previous nocturnal visits have afforded me views of Tawny Owl and you never know.

On turning down one of the lanes (which will remain un-named for the purpose of this post) I was greeted in the glow of my headlights by the sight of a stunning Barn Owl that flew across the lane and over the hedgerow, disappearing into the darkness.  Result!!!

This is the first sighting I have had of Barn Owl on the patch since the Summer of  2008.  This bird was observed by myself and a fellow local birder on successive nights but then disappeared.  Unfortunately around the same time a Barn Owl was found dead just up the road near Mustow Green roundabout and was quite possibly the same individual.

Still this new sighting is heartening and has encouraged me to do a few more evening visits over coming weeks.  The majority of nocturnal visits I have done have been during the summer months, after spending time  listening for calling Quails.

Barn Owl  (archive photo)


  1. Hi Jason, Barn Owls are great to have on your patch. Do you think that this particular bird is a young one finding its way!



  2. I presume so Keith. There seems to have been a bit of movement of them locally of late. i know to a few new sightings

  3. Nice one Jase. I`m about due one over the garden. Been a few years since i last saw one...and that was a i`d gone out to see the International Space Station @ the time :)

  4. Cheers Dean. Sometimes these things catch you unawares...the flukey ones are always welcome!

  5. That's a special bird, Jason - congrats. They have a real aura about them.
    I occasionally see one over the local marshes around dusk but not this year as yet.