Thursday 1st November...Garden Birding

Well it's now been well over a week since my car woes started and I was due to have it back Wednesday when I got a call from the mechanic saying that he had found another problem whilst working on the car.  I went round to have a look and could clearly see what he had found, 2 of the 3 pins on the one engine mount had sheered of on the one side it was just being held by the one pin.  So I told him he may as well order the part and get it done.  Unfortunately its a main dealer part and is currently out of stock in the UK.  Being a Fiat it had to be ordered from Italy and wouldn't be here to next Wednesday at the earliest.  Great yet another week with no wheels.

On the Thursday I was in a more positive mood and spent the time doing a bit of garden birding.  I'm glad I did as I actually recorded 2 Coal Tits.  Two Coal Tits? I hear you say.   Well in my humble terraced house garden we only started getting a Coal Tit on the feeders this year (9 years after moving in and starting to feed the birds).  To get 2 in the garden was a red letter day!

Also visiting the garden was our regular flock of c.40 Starlings and c.30 House Sparrows that battle over Bev's homemade fat cakes.  3 Blue Tits, 2 Great Tits, a Collared Dove and a single Robin were also noted.

In the afternoon I spent some time, from the comfort of the house, watching Kidderminster's very own urban Peregrine whilst it was sat on it's favoured perch of the old mill chimney stack at Weaver's Wharf retail park.  Even attempted some rather poor distant record shots of it through the double glazed window...see below.  Well it was worth a try.

♂ Peregrine - Weaver's Wharf 
(through the window record shot)


  1. Lots of Coal Tits about at the moment Jase, continental birds I believe, but i'll take them all the same :-)

  2. Cheers Warren. They are certainly a joy to watch in the garden!