Monday 16th August 2010 - Shenstone

This morning during my travels around the patch I decided to do a slightly different walk by taking the footpath that runs through the centre of the beet & cereal field along Stanklyn Lane. This walk proved quite worth while when scanning from my vantage point (this field is on a incline) I saw a Turtle Dove fly over the beet field and continue in a South-southwest direction. Needless to say I was pretty chuffed as this is only the second time I have recorded Turtle Dove on the patch. The last time was on 26th May 2008. Also seen in the beet field were 5 Corn Buntings and 17 Linnets.

Along the adjoining footpath, which returns you to Stanklyn lane and features open areas and areas of dappled shade, I recorded 2 Holly Blues, 1 Common Blue, 5 Speckled Wood and a Gatekeeper butterfly.
All in all not a bad morning...just need that first Wheatear of the autumn now.

View across the cereal field towards Stanklyn Lane:

Holly Blue - Shenstone, 16th August 2010:


  1. excellent TD record Jason. Wheatears will be with you soon, they have started to appear on my patch now, also a Whinchat.

  2. Yes Im gonna be out round the patch everyday this week. A small numbers of Wheatears have now just started to be recorded in Worcs so it wont be long!