Tuesday 17th August 2010 - Bluntington & Tanwood

Today I decided to go 'off Patch' and travelled a couple of miles up the road to Bluntington. Whilst scanning the hedgerows for chats I caught something in the field out the corner of my eye, it was a female Grey Partridge (quite a scarce bird in North Worcestershire these days).

From Bluntington I traveled another couple of miles up the road to Tanwood. Although the name would have you think otherwise, Tanwood isn't actually a woodland but an arable area not far from Chaddersley Wood. Scanning the hedgerows and fence posts here proved worthwhile as I picked up my first autumn passage Wheatear this year. I just need to find one down on the patch now (it can only be a matter of days..I'm certain of it!)

Grey Partridge (well it's head at least) -
Bluntington, 17th August 2010:

Wheatear - Tanwood, 17th August 2010:

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