Saturday 21st August 2010 - Shenstone

This afternoon I decided to brave the downpours and check out the patch (Well you never know what the rain might put down). Again, the north side of the patch was most productive and as the rain eased off and I viewed across the spent broad bean field along Witch Lane, I picked up a a mixed flock of over 30 Wagtails scurrying around the field. Amongst these were 14 Yellow Wagtails and c.20 Pied Wagtails. Unfortunately they were quite mobile due to some pillock shooting at the back of the field, so I was unable to get any photos. Mind you the weather wasn't really conducive to digiscoping either!

Elsewhere on the patch there was c.200 Starlings in the field between Butts Lane and Heath Lane. 10 Goldfinch along Heath Lane. 6 Swallows were over Butts lane and 14 House Martins over Heath Lane. A Kestrel, a Buzzard and 3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were also present along Heath Lane.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee sheltering from the rain - Shenstone 21st August 2010:


  1. Thats a good count of Yellow Wags. Jason.

    Dont those shooting twats just piss you off :-(

  2. It was actually my highest count Ive had on this patch (which Ive been doing regular for past 3 years).

    Dont even shooting brigade Warren....there just isnt enough expletives to use on the topic.